Yoga & Restorative Exercise
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Improving whole body movement habits, all day,

every day. 

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Mindful alignment & flow, resistance

& release

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Yoga & Restorative Exercise classes taught in American Sign Language. 


About WellinLife


No matter your age or what shape you are in, it’s not too late. You are not too old. You are flexible enough, strong enough, smart enough, good enough. 


You can improve your health and well-being. All you have to do is have the mindset to do so. All the rest follows. Join me and a community of courageous agers to reimagine living well in life.


I offer in-person and online pre-recorded online classes in yoga and restorative exercise. Online personal movement coaching sessions are available.


Are you a "Mover"?

Do you describe yourself as active, yet suffer from aches and pains? With my mindful instruction, movers learn segmented (for specific nagging body parts) and holistic (whole person) practices that enhance their capabilities. 


Movers feel more confident in their ability to keep fit and healthy and do what they love.

Are you a "Non-Mover"?

Not as agile as you once were? Non-movers may be struggling with walking longer distances, lifting household items, and have challenges with balance, reaching, squatting and twisting actions.


Through my guidance, non-movers learn to develop strength, stability, and mobility with consistent, progressive, intentional actions. 

Are you in need of Pain Care?

Do you have aches, pains and body parts needing rehab? When we have persistent pain it can be difficult to imagine a time when we won’t hurt. Yet with small, manageable steps, the body has potential for regeneration and healing. 


Based on science and yoga, those in pain learn practical techniques to improve ease of movement and discover positive health changes. 

Are you Aging?

Are you creating the flourishing, healthy life of your dreams? Are you concerned about the "diseases of aging" such as osteoporosis, arthritis, or other limitations, like joint pain of hips and knees.   


Students of all ages are guided by my empowering, evidence-based toolkit to access our full wellness potential. As our capacity grows, we become adaptable. At any age, we can enjoy the fountain of youthful movement.