Approaching wellness with knowledge to make the best decisions for our individual health circumstances and goals, is essential for healing.  Below are evidence-based resources I find helpful, and hope you do too. 

Move Your DNA

This expanded edition has over 70 exercises, explains why movement is beneficial, tips to transition from a sedentary lifestyle to an all day movement one.

Simple Steps to Foot
Pain Relief

It is 'simple' although not always easy to get ourselves moving into better health. This book is a quick read that can guide you with exercises and give you the 'why this helps' explanation, which I find is key to understanding the benefit.

Dynamic Aging

Wonderfully insightful exercise examples and stories of 4 women in their 70s who worked with my teacher, Katy Bowman - biomechanist and researcher and all day mover, to get themselves moving well.

If you are local to Rochester purchase these books directly from me at a discount:
Move Your DNA for $20, Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief for $13 and Dynamic Aging for $13.

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