Your Movement Journey Starts Here

My online course platform offers a variety of courses, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes long, easily adaptable to anyone's schedule and movement goals. 

Classes are offered in spoken English and American Sign language (ASL)

Why should you take these classes? 

  • We all want to live in a more resilient, pain-free body.  Learn and practice these moves and within a few weeks to walk, bend, and reach more easily.  

  • Learn how to stretch, strengthen and re-position the upper body for tension-free neck and shoulders.

  • Gain access to useful tips - you can do most exercises with little to no equipment, and fit them in during 5 minutes of your day.

My classes are

for "Movers"

These are  people who consider themselves active, yet suffer from continuous aches and pains. Through my instruction, they learn segmented (for specific achy body parts) and holistic (whole body) practices that enhance their active abilities.


They feel more confident in their ability to keep fit and healthy and do what they love.

My classes are

for "Non-Movers"

People who have difficulty with balance, walking, bending, twisting, reaching. 


They feel like age is getting the better of them and it’s all downhill from here. “What can you do, aging and decline is inevitable’. But it isn’t inevitable that we lose strength, range of motion, stability and flexibility as we age.


We can be active, be strong, be confident movers with mobility and stability to walk, hike, … be active in our hobbies and whole life.

My classes are for those who want to age with Intention

Wondering what your mobility will be like in 5-10 years? Will you be in a state of decline due to osteoporosis, arthritis, needing knee or hip replacement?

My instruction will help you discover how good your body can feel at any age. 

I share movement tips because I believe it’s possible to age with:

  • A straight spine

  • Strong muscles

  • An alert mind (coordinated limbs = coordinated brain)

  • Firm bones

My classes are for those who                   

don't know where to start

Does your doctor recommend exercising but you don't know where to start?  -


Are you experiencing pain and feel it would be too much to do a full on exercise program, maybe you need a small manageable piece to start with?

I want to create opportunities for people to connect and empower themselves. 

I teach people how to include healthy movement opportunities throughout their day, no matter what their career or daily life, no matter their aches/pains/rehabing parts.