NEW Online and In-Person Classes Coming  Soon!

My mission is to deliver accessible movement and yoga classes to you

so you can feel strong and capable as you live your life. 


That means:

-doing what you love to do without pain.

-being able to move without fear after an injury.

-continuing to do the activities you love as you age.

-increasing brain and body power along with awareness.

-keeping movement playful and fun!


I'm in the middle of creating new online and in-person classes for you.


You will love all that's included!  

Each class blends essential alignment skills with yoga, corrective exercise, and functional movements.

The classes are full of tools to use in your daily life as you play golf, ski, bicycle, garden or

simply stand and walk without foot, knee or hip pain. 


The exercises are completely approachable for the new-to-exercise person, and adapted to challenge you

if you are already active


The classes are delivered in spoken English or American Sign Language (ASL), and use text support.

Classes include exercise demonstrations with a variety of strategies for clear instruction.


        You will have step-by-step exercises for daily routines and complex movement patterns

to build neural networks (that's brain strength) as you increase your physical capabilities. 


Online and in person combination program to be released in 2020.

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Well in Life - Rochester, NY