ONE TIME ONLY | Wednesday March 11th 6:45PM - 7:15PM

Course Theme: Joy & Gratitude. This 30 minute class includes a centering theme, teaching of a meditation technique for the evening (such as breathe, yoga nidra, or tapping), a guided meditation, quiet and stillness time. Come with an open heart and gain a clear mind.

Strength & Stretch | Hunchback No More
ONE TIME ONLY | Wednesday May 4th 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Do you sometimes feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Or worse yet, do you feel like the stereotyped elderly person in the movies?

In this class you will learn to optimize upper body mobility and limitations, while finding ways to release tension in neck and shoulders.
You'll drop the hunch and stand taller by the end of class.

Strength & Stretch | Gardening Moves
ONE TIME ONLY | Wednesday May 11th 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Have you ever wondered, "Can I get down to the floor or ground? And even if I do, can I get back up?"

Whether you are interested in improving your physical ability to plant your garden, get on the floor with grand-children or bend over to touch your toes, this class is for you. Knee, hip and back pain are very common ailments. But pain doesn't have to stop you from doing what you love to do.

In this class you will learn strategies for improving your ability to lunge, squat, kneel and more. This is a whole body movement class to put you on the path to possibilities.


Interested in both Strength & Stretch classes? Options to register for both found at either link! 

If you purchase both Strength & Stretch classes, attend the Meditation Class, May 11, 6:45-7:15pm for free. My treat!



Bloom Wellness COVID practices:  If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. If you are not fully vaccinated, your mask must be worn at all times along with social distancing. Please reference Bloom's full policy here.