What is Restorative Exercise & how can it help me?

Restorative Exercise classes include simple stretches, balances, and body weight exercises. The exercises can be incorporated into your day to day life without breaking a sweat, just breaking old habits. You’ll learn about alignment and how to adapt your own exercise practice leading to standing, walking, bending, reaching and twisting better. Restorative Exercise classes teach you how to support your bone, joint and muscle health through natural movement. No matter our age or fitness level, we can learn new skills, develop new habits, retrain our bodies to improve movement patterns, and boost our health.

What should I expect from a Yoga class?

Hatha yoga slow, mindful flow classes focus on stretching, basic standing poses, and relaxation. Vinyasa classes build a sequence that flows steadily with breath. The mixture is a fusion of pose alignment, flowing vinyasa, body-weight exercises, and light resistance training and meditation. The class descriptions indicate the class levels from Level 1 - beginner, Level 1/2 - beginner and experienced movers, or Any level.

What props do I need for class?

The props you need depend on the specific class you take, but you can manage just fine without props and substitutions can always be made. Please visit the Prop Suggestions page for more reccomendations!

I have an injury (foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, arthritis, tendinitis, etc.), how can you help?

If you have an acute injury, I recommend that you see your preferred health practitioner (Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, etc.) until the injury has calmed down. Once you are ready to be active, I welcome you to join us. In general, options are offered in all classes. I indicate how to progressively load movements to make them accessible and manageable. You can decide how to participate in ways that feel appropriate for you, lead to strength/mobility gains, and hopefully increase your confidence in daily movement. If you have a current injury, joint replacement or recent surgery, it would be helpful to contact Denise before the start of class. I’ll provide information and assist you to develop an approach to keep your body safe and to get the most out of classes. Prefer to have a conversation before signing up? Email me to arrange a time to chat.

Do you offer Pre-Recorded classes?

YES! Look here for the online movement opportunities.

Who can attend classes in ASL instruction?

Classes instructed in American Sign Language are open to anyone who can understand sign language without the use of spoken English. When I do lots of demonstrations people, with little sign skills, can follow along. The feel of a class instructed in ASL is different than one with voice instruction. This is about accessibility in language as well as the physical body.

Is this covered by Medical Insurance?

This work is not covered by medical insurance. But the investment in your health will more than pay for itself if you consider how much you have already spent on therapeutic practitioners, medication, expensive equipment and programs, special shoes, chairs, and more.

How challenging are your classes? Are your programs appropriate for me?

Absolutely! I teach first by sharing micro-movements and foundations at the core of any strength and stretch program. Then I give options for how to expand and explore the exercises depending on your focus and energy level. I’ve noticed that it’s not always the newer-movers who are challenged, sometimes the most experienced movers have the hardest time unlearning what they are used to doing to find the biggest benefits for the brain and body.

I'm pregnant, are these classes safe for me?

Congratulations! Your health plays a critical role in ensuring a healthy baby. I would love to help you find exercises that work for you over the course of your pregnancy and postpartum time. In general, modified options are offered in all classes. However, you might find it helpful to contact Denise before the start of class. I’ll provide information and assist you to develop an approach to keep your body and baby safe and to get the most out of classes. Email me to arrange a time to chat.

What are your Qualifications? What's your background?

I am a Restorative Exercise Specialist™(CPT-RES), Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500) with Yoga Alliance, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. I'm currently studying to become an International Sports Science Association's Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach.