Want to work with me?  

I offer restorative exercise, movement and yoga private sessions as well as group classes.

Private Sessions  

Here’s how it works. First, schedule a 30-minute FREE Movement Chat.  We'll talk over the phone, Skype or Zoom.  From there we can schedule future sessions based around your goals and what I recommend is a starting point to reach those goals.

Customized Group Classes

Contact me about developing a special offering for your group. Possibilities include workplace wellness activities and how to take movement breaks at your desk.


$80  - 90 minute Initial Assessment Appointment 

During your Initial Assessment there is a comprehensive evaluation of your skeletal alignment and movement habits and I demonstrate how they may be contributing to issues that concern you. Based on this assessment our I will prescribe corrective exercises to address your goals. We'll practice each exercise to insure you have a thorough understanding of the how and why of each movement and how to fit these new movement habits into your lifestyle for lasting improvement.

The 90 minute session includes photos and instructions for your home practice. This keeps you on track and motivated.  Feel free to check-in after your session if you have additional questions.

$55  - 60 minute Private Session  Package of 3 sessions for $160 (recommended). 

A 60-minute private session is good choice to promote continued learning. Your body (and your mind) adapts to your new movement habits and as your body changes your corrective exercises can be refined to meet your needs. 

Customized group class rates vary by time, number of participants and content. 

Contact me to discuss your movement possibilities.

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