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Nutritious Movement




Katy Bowman's ground breaking movement teachings are based on her biomechanics training, years of experience teaching exercise to individuals, and predominantly, her life as an all-day-every-day mover


Her work has changed how I approach exercise,

how much I'm walking, 

that we no longer own a couch,

I no longer use a pillow

or traditional seated desk,

and my body feels so healthy at age 50.  

Katy's book Move Your DNA explains the philosophy and science behind her approach, as does Movement Matters (that one has short essays for your pondering). 


If you are looking for what corrective exercises to do and how to implement them in your life, then I'd recommend reading Dynamic Aging which was co-written by Katy and four active-agers sharing their stories.  Dynamic Aging is perhaps the book I recommend most because so many of us have bodies we want don't want to grow old in, we want to grow mobile in. 

Looking for

Closed Captioned Videos

to do at home?

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Lauren Ohayon

Lauren Ohayon offers tools for restoring your core and overall body function.  This is an online exercise program with 4 stages of videos.  A calendar for the program guides you through completing each stage by doing the videos 4x per week for 13 weeks.  There is built in repetition to allow you to learn the moves, breathing and sequencing so experience progress as you continue.  Nearly all videos are 30 minutes. There are longer bonus exercise and instructional videos, pdfs and she adds more frequently. Once you buy it, you own the program and get the additional new content for free.  

Lauren has a Facebook online community where you ask questions directly of her and her trained teachers.  She wants you to be successful and so does the community of women she's built.  I personally have witnessed Lauren's attention to each person online and in-person during a weekend immersion.  If you are newer to moving regularly, have pelvic floor ailments, or are looking for ta structured program, check it out. 

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Young Living

I'm all about natural movement. Less time in the gym, more time at home or at hobbies that me and my family enjoy.  When it comes to perfumes, soaps and cleaning products, I believe the same.  


In 2016, I investigated essential oils I felt I could stand by because the company:

  • does not add chemicals in their products

  • does not use unfair labor practices

I found Young Living. 


Young Living's 'Seed to Seal Process' commits 'from the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, there are rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.'  


Over time, I replaced scents, hand soap, shampoo & several cleaning items with Young Living oils and products. I diffuse the oils (lavender, orange, cinnamon); I wipe down my desk at the office (thieves wipes);  I put 1-2 drops of oils on my wrists, temples and neck as you would perfume (some of my favs: valor, joy, peace and calming); and sometimes, I offer tissues with drops of oils to yoga students at the beginning or end of classes to add to the sensory relaxation experience (lavender, stress away, oola balance). 

Membership entitles me to discounted products and to offer discounts to others.  


Photo taken August 2019 at the

YL Balance Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Young Living
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