Alignment. Action. Mobility. Stillness.


Do these seem familiar?

  • You second guess going on a walk with a friend fearing it will have you aching because it was too far, too long, or too hilly.  

  • You are gung-ho with the yard work, home improvement project or your spin class, only to feel completely stiff and worn out afterward. 

  • You’ve become concerned about the seemingly unavoidable down-hill changes that come with aging.

  • You enjoy exercising and are wondering how to infuse more movement into your day.


If any of these things resonate with you, then maybe it’s time to... 

  • Increase stamina and mobility to move more and ache less.

  • Reduce stress so you can create more ease (not dis-ease) in your life.

  • Improve your brain + body coordination and balance.


This is Living Well in Life. Yoga and Restorative Exercise for You.


Giving your body the boost it needs to reduce pain, increase strength, and bounce back from everyday stresses through a whole body movement approach to wellness. This is Yoga and Restorative Exercise for You. 


My passion is inspiring others to lead a movement-filled, healthy life.

Years ago, I looked for exercises to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the challenges of parenthood. The proven body-mind connection of yoga provided that and more. I did yoga at home, at local studios and at a nearby school’s community class. I obtained yoga teacher certification (RYT200) and, as fate would have it, began teaching those same community classes where I still teach today.

My quest to understand anatomy and biomechanics led me to become a Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES-CPT) through studies with Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement™. Katy’s approach, called Restorative Exercise, emphasizes it’s the movements we do all day long that nourish our body, more than a one hour exercise session. Restorative Exercise improves alignment, posture and movement patterns, leading to living in a strong, healthy and pain free body well into our advanced ages. 

This lens of whole life, whole body movement has greatly influenced how I teach and how I live. I enjoy studying yoga, biomechanics, pain science, neuroscience and exercise, and movement accessibility.  I am currently enrolled in a 1000 hour Yoga Therapy program through Open Sky Yoga (expected 2023).

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