Hi I’m Denise!


I’m on a quest to flourish in wellness and transform my life. And let’s be completely honest. I will always be transforming. As much as I want this to be a one and done, quick fix, THE magic pill, health isn’t like that. I am purposely adopting a curious mindset and a bold heart day after day. I am committed to learning what makes my brain and body flourish with strength and patience.


I am just nerdy enough to enjoy reading research on yoga, biomechanics, exercise science, brain health, and what many call, the biopsychosocial spiritual model of healing. I am practical enough to distill all that jargon into bite-sized actions for my daily life. 


I do my best to take time for stillness in meditation and journaling. It’s a process with progress, not perfection. I learned the hard way that go-go-going full-speed ahead without first mastering foundations, risks injuries and lacks fun. While we can’t avoid all illness and injuries if we are truly living life, I believe through stillness we get better at listening to our internal-knowing, and take better care of ourselves. 


I believe in surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who enjoy activities that foster fun and fitness. Individuals who appreciate the freedom that comes from feeling good in our bodies and brains sharp enough to take action.  


Does any of this resonate with you? I hope so. There’s a welcoming space for you to join me.